For each of the 6 movements, we'll be approaching our learning and practice from 3 angles.




First, we assess your posture and flexibility for each of the movements.

 If anything is causing pain or discomfort, we’ll teach you functional stretches and mobilisations that provide the range of motion needed for whatever your lifestyle entails.


We then learn how to identify core weaknesses to safely perform the movements before we start loading up with weights.

We'll teach relevant exercises that help you:

  1. Breathe better.
  2. Stabilise your spine.
  3. Strengthen the muscles of the core.


Finally, we'll take our new flexibility and core knowledge to perform the 6 movements again.

For every exercise, we'll regress or progress to find the right difficulty level for you.

You have the option to record your progress with a partner. Upon reflection you'll have the right techniques for performing the movements and a snapshot to track progress with.