Aaron Matheson 


Aaron's focus involves a range of practices: from Yoga, Meditation, Corrective Exercise, Psychosomatic Therapy and a bit of Shamanism thrown in for good measure.

There's not much that Aaron hasn't explored.

Aaron is the resident Health & Wellbeing expert at the Fitzroy Academy, features in the upcoming movie "That Sugar Film", plans to one day retire to his own permaculture farm, and would love to see Richmond win a premiership in this lifetime.

Sam Haywood 


Sam aims is to tell 'insightful' stories and make 'quality' creative work. How that happens is based on the medium at hand (graphic, industrial, product, digital).

His best work happens with people that possess positive & progressive mindsets, believe 'open and honest' discussion is healthy and 'change is not only possible, but essential'.

At a higher level, he looks to solve problems that will hopefully help humans to live more full and interesting lives.