Svaroopa Yoga

The whole concept of Svaroopa Yoga is taken from the urge of the human body to be free from all sorts of restrictions, tensions and bonds. It aims to use poses that do not exert the body and yet provide a number of benefits.

The postures in Svaroopa Yoga are very relaxed and focus is given towards the healing of the mind rather than using difficult postures.

Emphasis is given towards developing a sense of consciousness. Sometimes beginners are surprised at the relative ease and uncomplicated approach that Svaroopa Yoga teaches.

As one slowly gets involved in the process, the muscles of the body unwind and release, the mind is rejuvenated.

The fact that it is not a regular exercise or Yoga routine means that it is suitable for all ages, even those who have a physical condition that prohibits them from undertaking strenuous exercises or difficult poses.

Want to explore the world of Svaroopa Yoga, we've put together a little guide called 'The Magic Four'.

Download it here.