Aaron Matheson: Responsibilties

  • Creating videos, articles every Tuesday or Wednesday or Sunday about his psychological ailments or fitness shortcomings. 
  • Picking a topic for the weekly post before realizing it’s icky after diving in and thinking “if only I were doing that other topic it would be so much easier”; switching to that other topic and realizing it’s incredibly icky too
  • Throwing his laptop out of the window and then spending the rest of the week endeavouring to purchase a new laptop.
  • Doodling on the white board in a 2nd grade manner
  • Passionately underestimating how long each video or post will take to do. 

Sam Haywood: Responsibilities

  • Being the manager of Lots of Things
  • Having a huge bucket of responsibilities dumped on his head daily
  • Turning Fitness Everywhere from a land of chaos to a well-organized and on-top-of-its-shit site
  • Trying to figure out how to make Fitness Everywhere less of a money-flushing toilet
  • Pacing around in his underwear hating himself, until he has an idea at 2am in the morning.
  • Spending the last 75minutes trying to fix the formatting on this website, since Squarespace apparently hates happiness and more than three typefaces.