I’ve not met anybody who has lost their mind, but I’ve met plenty who have lost their bodies

Welcome to Fitness Everywhere, a independent resource for autonomous individuals who wish to think and act on every plane of fitness.    

Here we strive to make fitness accessible, training cohesive and a sustainable lifestyle easier to start and subsequently maintain. We believe that fitness is not a privilege, it is a basic right that should be made accessible everywhere to everyone. 

Over the past fifteen year journey,  we've spent 10,000+hours serving clients, integrating countless areas of: personal study, working under mentorship from industry leaders and some fringe-operating forward thinkers. By popular definition we could be deemed “masters”, but we'll never be anything other than a keen students, practitioners, and occasional leaders when we receive a higher calling to do so.

The purpose of “Fitness Everywhere” is to share the intersection between our best work and our passion for training with you. Since training has the ability to not only strengthen your body, but also your resolve to become a more capable you. Consistent training can help you connect with your inner soul and take control of your life.

All of the writing, videos and programming on the FE site is presented freely with no outside advertising. If you’d like to support the project, pass it on to someone who might be interested.

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